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Juice Plus+



Small, convenient capsules that provide you with a range of nutritional benefits.


Whole food nutrition in a tasty, soft chewable. Absolutely no high-fructose corn syrup!


Convenient shakes and bars that provide whole food nutrition to those on the go.

The Juice Plus Connection To A Healthy Lifestyle

Dear Patients,
Over the years many patients have asked me which vitamin I would recommend for them. While there are many vitamins available, there were none I could find that provided all the vitamins and nutrients found in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Some time ago I became aware of a whole food supplement containing over 30 of the most nutrient-dense vine-ripened fruits and vegetables available. After reviewing the research, I found Juice Plus+ was everything I had looked for in a vitamin supplement, easy to take, reasonably priced and with all the nutrients of fresh fruits and vegetables.

After discovering this, I was ready to try it. My family and I started using Juice Plus+ ourselves.

Now I can confidently recommend you add Juice Plus+ to your own health plan. Please consider this as a way for
you to take greater charge of your families health.

Best of health, Dr. Victor Dalforno

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